Oak Hearth Stool


Hearth Stool in Oak: three-legged stool with scooped seat, tapered octagonal legs and wedged leg tenons.

Hearth Stools are a line of one-of-a-kind numbered stools. These stools explore putting amazing wood in all its wildness into an inviting, touchable, and cultured form. The seats are one large chunk of hand-selected wood that I cut down the middle and book-match. The legs are attached with a wedged tenon all the way through the seat and the leg-tops can be seen peeking through. They are finished with a satin/matte durable clear finish. They have gripping feet for stability.

Your hearth stool could be the centerpiece of a room. It is heirloom quality, finely wrought woodwork at a more reasonable price than typical furniture pieces of their caliber.

The stools are a comfortable sitting height for an average adult, a little shorter than a dining room chair. They are sturdy to sit on, but easily moved around.

Free shipping is available on sets of two or more stools (see other listings on this Etsy page).

Hearth Stools are available with the seat and legs made of different woods. Please ask if you're interested.

Standard height is 17", though they can vary from 16-19" tall, depending on particular chunk of wood. I can make them from 14-25" tall so if the height you'd like isn't listed as an option, please contact me.
14" diameter seat
1 3/4" thick seat (+-1/8")

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