RackIt LP Record Rack - RED OAK


The classic version of the Per Madsen LP rack in solid oak. They are also available in Walnut and Mahogany.

These are high quality, handmade stackable and movable modular record racks as developed by Per Madsen in San Francisco in the '80s and '90s. They make a beautiful, functional way to store and enjoy your records, and when you need to move them around, just grab the rack by the frame and move the whole crate.

> 18 inches wide, 14 inches tall, 13 3/4 inches deep.
> Red Oak with natural finish.
> Unit has registration holes on top and bottom, and comes with two registration pins per unit.
> Record Racks can be stacked five high on a base with casters, and six high on a flat base (user discretion required).
> The unit ships flat and is assembled with the included allen key.

All RackIt units are handmade by me in my one-person shop in Portland, Oregon.

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So excited for this purchase! I inherited some original Per Madsen Rack It racks from my dad years ago, but I have been over capacity for a while so my records were crammed in like sardines... no bueno. Found this store after some Googling and purchased an additional rack to relieve the pressure. Note: took a few weeks to get my rack (these are made to order, so don't expect Prime shipping). Once I received the package in the mail (which includes all necessary tool, bolts, and other hardware), the rack was easily assembled in maybe 5-10 minutes. All I had to do was plop it right on top of one of my existing racks. Perfect fit (see picture, can you tell which rack is new vs. the old racks?), now my LPs can breathe! Definitely recommend this for those who have any Rack It record racks and need to add capacity. Thank you!

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