RackIt CD-180 - OAK - a new version of Per Madsen's original with oak veneer drawer fronts


This is a reiteration of Per Madsen's CD-180 CD storage unit, fitting with his RackIt system of modular audio storage. After Per Madsen retired there was still a demand for his sensible modular designs and I started making these three years ago at the request of Jef Fowler (twocanhfi.com) and he and I worked together to get the details as close to the originals as possible. Because this is part of a modular system, you may want a Tabletop unit to create a usable finished surface on top, or a Base unit to raise your CD-180(s) off the floor. Tabletops and Bases are available separately.

This unit has OAK drawer faces. (Birch drawer face units are available in a separate listing on this Etsy shop.) The CD-180s are made of birch plywood and solid red oak with a hand-rubbed oil finish.

18" wide x 15" tall x 13 3/4" deep (14 3/4" deep counting the drawer face and drawer pull)

This unit fits about 180 CDs in standard jewel boxes. It has two drawers that each fit about 90 CDs.

Each unit comes with two removable wooden pins to align units when stacking.

Each unit is handmade by me in my one person woodshop in Portland, Oregon.

- Ryan

Reviews (3)


Love this CD cabinet--lots of capacity, and has no trouble with double-width jewelcases or otherwise slightly-larger-than-standard holders.

Fine craftsmanship and an extremely faithful reproduction of the original Per Madsen design cabinets. Fits seamlessly with my existing cabinets. I look forward to future offerings. It was worth the wait!

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